Revamp Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is in the air! Literally, warm weather is right around the corner and we are so excited to show a little skin and to lose the heavy coats. We want to help you get ready by sharing a few tips to help you revamp your wardrobe.


  1.  Tip #1. Purge Your Closet- take everything that you consider spring acceptable (yes everything) and in your drawers. Try on everything, put back the items you love that flatters and fit you well. What's left over either box up, sell it (try poshmark) or be a champ and donate it.

     2. Tip #2. Now Let's Shop! - Spring is all about bright colors, patterns and floral prints. Good news you do not have to dress in color from head to toe just one colorful thing will be enough and your outfit will get espressive immediately! Some women are afraid of color like fire! It's often due to the fact that we often don't know how to combine it or which hue of color suits us. A quick hint of advice think about what tint blend perfectly with the color of your eyes, hair and complexion.

    3. Tip #3. Love Dresses! - Dresses are a huge spring necessity especially maxi dresses, flowy dresses, skater dresses and even a denim dress. You can't go wrong with any of these styles.

   4. Tip #4. Patterns and prints!-  patterns will spice up your clothes best prints for spring floral, polka dots, rainbow, gradients, tie-dye and painterly symmetrical patterns.

  5. Tip #5.  Crochet Fashion. -  Crochet is getting a cool update this spring. Ultra-feminine dresses and matching sets there's something special about a trend that embraces a slow hand made technique. 

  6. Lastly Tip #6. Faux leather. -  We know warm weather is coming but another accepting trend for spring is faux-leather. It's cooler than the real leather and much lighter.  Pair with a mesh or cefron material for a cooler look and feel.

We hope these quick tips help you prepare for this year spring 2020.

Alasia Marie




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