Meet One Of Our AMB Dolls!

Who are the AMB Dolls? They're a bad-ass group of influencers who raise awareness about our brand. They represent women of all shapes, sizes and style. They each embody our sassy spirit perfectly and prove that everybody can own their own style and flaunt it with pride. Basically, they're amazing!

We think you should get to know them better, please meet our AMB Doll J'Nique Nicole.


  1. Hey Doll!, tell us a little bit about yourself and your clothing style?

- Hi, my name is J'Nique Nicole, I'm a professional singer/songwriter based in Tokyo, Japan but originally from Nashville, TN. I'm 31 and I'd say my clothing style depends on the day. These days I'm mostly about being comfy but cute like putting on some cute leggings and a crop top but when I'm going out or doing a show I'm all about being sexy but classy.

     2. We encourage everyone to own their own style, what makes you feel confident in the style of clothes you like and how do you own it?

- Oooo this is such a good question. I'd say just knowing that what people think of me is none of my business and everyone is entitled to their own opinions but at the end of the day mine is the only one that matters so if I'm going to please anyone in this world it better be me because I'm the one who has to live with whatever choices I make every day of my life. I make it my mission to live and dress unapologetically, no matter what.

   3. What is your favorite fashion look?

- I'd have to say anything that shows my midriff or accentuates my curves lol!

   4. So what attracted you to Alasia Marie Boutique & Why did you decide to become a doll?

- What attracted me to Alasia Marie Boutique was first that it was owned by a beautiful black woman, secondly that it was for women of all shapes and sizes and last but not least that the clothes were super cute and affordable and really fit my style & aesthetic to a tee. I'm all about uplifting and empowering women in my music, especially black women because we need it the most these days, so it was just perfect.

  5.  Lastly, what are some of your personal goals & What do you aspire to achieve within the next 6 months?

- Personally, I would like to release my very first official album. I've been working on it for a few years now and I've finally finished all of the songwriting and laying down my vocals for each song. Now I'm just getting everything produced and finalized so I'll be promoting that very soon. I'm really excited!

And we are very excited as well and can't wait to share your album with the world.

Dolls, how much do you love her? Want to see more of J'Nique make sure to follow her on Instagram @jniquenicole

Interested in becoming a doll? We are always looking for amazing stylish women to join the team send us a message


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