Meet One Of Our AMB Dolls!

Who are the AMB Dolls? They're a badass group of influencers who raise awareness about our brand. They represent women of all shapes,sizes and style. They each embody our sassy spirit perfectly and prove that everybody can own their own style and flaunt it with pride. Basically, they're amazing!

And we think you should get to know them better, please meet AMB Doll A'layziah Boyer.


1. What are you best known for on Instagram? What is your clothing style?

- I am best know for my carefree fun and sporty styles. My clothing style is mostly sporty and laid back but I like to change it up at times and dress it up a bit. 

 2. We encourage everyone to own their own style at Alasia Marie. So what makes you feel sexy, trendy or stylish? and how do you own it?

- Well for me I don't care what other people think I wear what I like and what looks good to me so that's how I own my own style. I don't follow trends I create my own trends and where it loud and proud.

 3. What is your fashion look? 

- Sporty aka Tom Boyish lol!!

 4. What attracted you to Alasia Marie Boutique? Why did you decide to become a doll?

- well for me it's different my mom actually owns Alasia Marie Boutique she named it after me. I love this brand because my mom works so hard to create this brand to leave a legacy for me and my younger siblings. I immediately wanted to do everything I could to share with everyone how great this brand is that's why I became a doll. I'm telling you she has great taste and she wanted to make sure she carried fashion styles for every type of woman. I am extremely proud of her.

How much do you love our little CEO to be? Want to see more of A'layziah make sure to follow her on Instagram @laygotjuice

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