Love Shopping, but money is tight? Read Our Guide Shopping On A Budget.

It's hard out here for us fashionistas. We love shopping and looking fab, but sometimes we just can't afford to buy everything we want. Well we have put together a simple little guide to help you save some coins and still shop like a queen.


- First, you need to set an affordable budget.

      * be realistic 

      * identify your income (subtracted) from your expenses = (spending $).

     * set a goal for your money, that ultimately will help you make smart spending choices.

- Second, now that you know how much you're working with let's go shopping 🛍.

     * look for deals and discounts 

           - a lot of brands right now are offering a lot of great deals for example right now we are offering free shipping (use code FREESHIP). The homepage of most sites will announce what their deals are.

        - look for a rewards program you can earn points towards free or discounted items. Who doesn't like free goodies?!

       - subscribe to a newsletter, you can immediately get a discount just for signing up.

      - look for sale items.

- Next, this tip is my favorite, shop for items that has a multi-wear option. For example matching sets are perfect for multi-wear and mix and match wear. You can put the top with a different bottom and vice versa with the bottoms. 

         * pick items that can be dressed up or down, therefore, you have more than one way to wear one amazing outfit.

        * buy at least one solid color item you can wear with just about anything. 

- Lastly, Utilize Installment Pay Options.

      * We offer Quadpay for our customers, you can make a large purchase and make installment payments over time. 

I hope this guide has been helpful to helping you shop while on a budget. If you want to know more about Quadpay copy and paste the link below. Stay Safe Until Next Blog.

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