Let's Talk New Arrivals!

Hey dolls! What's good? Hope all is well, with that said baby gurl let's talk about whats' new. First of all we have a new collection to introduce you to. For the first time we have brought outerwear in the mix, yasss it's about that time the weather is cooling off & for some the weather has already made that switch into the colder weather. We've brought in some cute denim jackets, leather moto jackets, and some suede must have jackets. 



Our dolls have been raving over our newest plus size drawstring cutout crop top. It comes in (drum roll) 11 different colors!!. This top is so sexy, so chic and so cute no wonder everyone is adding it to their carts. Seriously, the way our dolls are loving this top we can't guarantee it'll be around long. 



Another hot new item is the perfect set for transitioning into the Fall season.  So before we show you we wanna praise this set to the highest 🙌.  It's vibrant, colorful and it's definitely in trend this year.  Tennis skirts are making a strong 💪 comeback. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Drive Him Crazy Skirt Set



Lastly, it's about that time when everyone wants to relax indoors but be cute and comfy while chilling inside. This is another plus size set great for lounging and dolls it's tye dye and french terry knitwear. Cute and comfy 💕. 


Alright, dolls we can talk all day about our hot new arrivals but we want you to check them out for yourselves. Make sure to comment your thoughts and let us know how you feel about the items we discussed today... Until next blog, duces ✌🏽. 

If you haven't purchased with us before here's 10% off your first purchase use code: WELCOME 

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