Introducing Our Plus Doll Collection

Hey Dolls! Wow, the Fall season is here and we don't know about you but Fall is a great season. It's still warm enough to enjoy being outside and cool enough to enjoy being outside lol!. We wanted to take a moment to shout it to the mountain tops that yes, we do carry plus size fashion. We have had plus sizes for awhile but we have been asked on multiple occasions why don't we carry plus size clothing. So we decided to make this blog to introduce you to some of our trendiest pieces.

We are making it a priority to let it be known we do indeed carry plus sizes you can locate our collection on our website under the tab PLUSDOLLS.

Our plus size is trendy and comes in a variety of styles for the everyday girl to the girl who is bold and loves to turn heads. We have cute tops, jeans, sexy dresses and more! Browse through our collection and update your closet today. The best part of our plus size collection is that it's affordable.



Wow! I know right amazing. If you know a curvy fashionista please share and let her know we are here and we have some really cute trending pieces. Also, we are currently looking for Curvy Ambassadors if anyone is interested please sign up today it's at no cost to you and we would love to have you on the team.

Until next blog, duces!

CEO, Janean



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