How to seamlessly transition your work attire to a night out approved outfit.

Going out after work? No time to go home and change?

Hey Dolls! I hope all is well and everyone is being safe. Today's blog we are going to share with you some quick tips n tricks to turn your work attire to a night out on the town approved outfit. Whether you're going out on a date or hitting the town with your besties these easy tips will have you ready for whatever the night may bring.


Now that the world is back open and people are finally able to go back into work and socialize with their co-workers and/or go out for drinks for happy hour with their friends. If you don't have time to go back home to get jazzy we are here to help we have some quick and easy tips to turn your office wardrobe into a night out approved outfit with these day-to-night tips.


  • add a few pieces of jewelry; pack a pair of flashy earring and necklace and some arm candy this is defiantly the quickest way to spruce up your work wardrobe.

  • subtract an item; if your wearing a blazer for work take it off sis show some skin.
  • wear versatile pieces: invest in a few staple versatile pieces ie. the little black dress just a few tweaks and your ready add blazer, heels and chunky jewelry.
  • slip on a statement jacket; add a denim coat or a moto jacket.

  • ditch those business shoes; bring a pair of sexy heels with you to work.
  • refresh your makeup; if your anything like me by the time I get off from work my face is oily and half of my makeup has been wiped away bring a little make up bag and touch it up girl add a little more eye shadow and add a little color to those lips.
  • Switch out your bag; a small clutch will do the trick.
  • Let your hair down; a simple change to your hairstyle will make you feel more night out ready.

All these tips are super easy and quick and doesn't take much effort to switch your look up. Until next blog please be safe and continue to slay. Deuces!

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