How To Cover Up Problem Areas.

Hey Dolls!

We all have problem areas we truly wish would magically disappear, believe me you are not alone. We wanted to share with you a few tips to help you cover up those problem areas. 

We have your back sis!


Neck- the goal is to appear to have a slimmer more elongated neckline. The point is to trick the eye by drawing attention down and away from the neckline, whether your neck is short and round. Choose V-neck tops they create a lengthened and slim neckline. Also, another quick tip is to add a long pendant or multilayered necklace they also draw attention away from the neck. 

Arms- If you're uncomfortable with the shape of your arms, you could wear long sleeves FOREVER yikes! Let's be realistic that's torture and very unrealistic especially if your from the south. The best tops are 3/4 sleeves or loose draping fabrics. Another quick tip buy the size that fits you if your top is too tight it makes the arms look larger. 🛑 Don't do it!

Tummy- This is the biggest issue most of us girls deal with. No worries these tips will help until your 6 pack develops. These tips will definitely help you hide that annoying muffin top or cover up that pooch.

1. Wrap dresses are your friends, they synch in your waist and hides the pooch.

2. Skater dress/skirt they have an empire waist silhouette which also synch the waistline. 

3. Stretchy jeans preferably high-waisted and dark colored. These jeans helps with the pooch and the muffin top it acts like a shaper due to the spandex material in the denim.

4. Loose tops, t-shirts and tunics.

5. A good high-waisted shaper literally solves all your problems by smoothing you in and out. 

Do not wear clingy tops or tight dresses (unless you have shapewear) this highlights the imperfections of your shape.

Thighs- Yes, thick thighs saves lives but they can be a pain too. The best tip to minimize the appearance of having thicker thighs is wearing A-line skirts. They highlight the slimmest part of your waistline and draws the attention away from the thighs. Also, dark color bottoms creates slimmer thighs. 

Back bulge- Uggh! So annoying but a lot of women struggle with this area 🙋🏽‍♀️. The best tip is get properly fitted for your bra. If your bra doesn't fit well (too tight) pushes the bulge out further and it's painful, ouch! Also, another great tip is wearing a high-waisted shaper it will help smooth you out. Stay away from tight and clingy material. 

We won't let problem areas stop us from slaying hunty. We will show up and show out. Thx for reading I hope it has been helpful. If you haven't purchased from us yet, please give us a try. Use code WELCOME take 10% off your 1st purchase. Until next time xoxo Janean. 

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  • This article was up my alley. Thanks for sharing. Really got some AMAZING tips.

    Stacey-Ann Wolfe-Francis

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